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Art is what makes life spectacular, vibrant and colorful. And we, in INDIA are very privileged to have so many traditional art forms that have their roots seeped deep into our villages. And we are even more fortunate to have all the local artisans who have kept the art of their generations alive, in spite of the odds they face on a daily basis.
Indians are known for their culture and their artistic nature across the world and Indian Handicraft Export Martket is for $6 Billion. Though these artifacts are loved from heart of every Indian, of late the low cost items from China are taking over our valuable crafts with their machine made articles and which are generally made using low quality and sometimes toxic substances. From this our Indian craftsmen are facing too much of competition within India. This is also influencing India’s economic growth. It is an effort to contribute towards making our country a manufacturing hub and integrate with ‘Make in India’ concept